The Merlin

The Harp

35 Strings • A down to B

Full Set of Loveland Levers

Harp • $2,900

Case • $200


8 sided coopered
staveback of maple

Aircraft-quality birch
sound board (5 laminates
per 1/8 inch)

Baltic birch neck and column

Truss rod system
inlaid in column

Finishes: Mahogany or
Natural with Walnut trim

9 non-fatiguing
suspended struts

Honduras mahogany
center string strut

Walnut perfling


Bass • Silk with streel wrap

Mid • Flourocarbon

Treble • Nylon


22 pounds


Dimensions shown below
are approxamate

R Harps


The Merlin is the result of twenty years of harp building and three years of research and development. The goal was to make a very large sounding harp in the smallest package possible.

The Merlin's pillar is reinforced by a powerful adjustable truss rod system to ensure rigidity. This unique design eliminates the need for the massive pillar found on traditional harps and promotes lower and mid-range frequencies.

R HarpsThe sound board is reinforced by nine suspended non-fatiguing struts. These braces counter-balance the massive tension created by the string pressure without adding sound deadening thickness to the sound board, as in a traditional instrument. Thanks to these braces, the sound board is relaxed and ready to respond without being choked by its own string tension. It's possible that the Merlin may be the first harp ever to be tension balanced. Some well-built harps will last for decades. This harp will sing for generations.

Merlin has an enclosed body. This is not a new feature – it's merely lost Old World knowledge. When the Spanish colonized South America, they introduced the harp to the indigenous people. These native builders discovered that if you "capture the sound before you let it go," its projection is increased dramatically. As musicians, they needed "big" sound because they marched and played their harps in outdoor processions, as if in a marching band.

While I don't recommend that you turn this harp upside down, strap it to your body and march down the street, I do invite you to play this harp outdoors. It will "fill the air."

Rick Rubarth

For more information contact:
Natalie Cox • 510-234-3044
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Click to hear the Merlin Harp
as performed by Natalie Cox,
by Dan Reiter on the cello